Kamis, 27 Oktober 2011


House of Representatives (DPR) will help resolve the chaotic now occurring in the body PSSI board. But the House does not directly enter into the PSSI but urged the Minister of Youth and Sports (Menpora) Andi Mallarangeng, to quickly evaluate the performance of PSSI.

The assertion was raised a member of Commission X in charge of youth affairs, sports, and religion, Zulfadli, in a public discussion entitled "Highlighting the PSSI" in Jakarta, Wednesday (26/10).

Golkar Party politician stated, the steps to be taken is part of the oversight function that is one task of the Commission X DPR. Internal conflict that is now engulfing PSSI have been regarded as threatening national football.

According Zulfadli, Menpora currently lacking a response to problems that arise in the body of PSSI. The reason, Menpora too dizzy from the case of homestead SEA Games athletes and preparation so forget about the problems that occur in the current PSSI.

"It is the function and duty Menpora to facilitate the parties to sit together to solve the problems. If not well done, after the rules of the game, extraordinary congress (KLB) may be held to resolve the issue.

Zulfadli expressed disappointment over the management of PSSI under Djohar Arifin.Though the management was previously expected to bring fresh air and change pascakepemimpinan Nurdin Halid.

"The promise of leadership duo Djohar Arifin-Farid Rahman is a slender form of stewardship. But just the opposite is not the case. They also promise to professionally manage the league, also changed and is now in shambles abysmally, "he said.

Meanwhile, 14 members of the Committee who is also Chairman of Persebaya, Vishnu Wardhana Djohar performance confirms the more inconsequential and unfocused.According to Vishnu, Djohar policies related to Indonesian football controversial. Call it when participants deciding PSSI Indonesian League 2011/2012 season followed by the 24 clubs.

Therefore, concluded Vishnu, management is now not using the FIFA statutes. They use their own rules. "Statutes (PSSI) told participants of the competition followed by a maximum of 18 clubs, that would come from the Super 14 club participants Lihga Indonesia (LSI) last season plus four club promotion from the First Division," he said.

He judged the competition performances IPL (Indonesia Premier League / Premier League Indonesia) which involves 24 clubs not only violate the statute, regulations of FIFA, but also dangerous for the safety of players. (OL-8)

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