Jumat, 09 Mei 2014

English Task 2

Who are the presidential candidates who will I choose? Why?

First, I write this because the English assignment, so I wrote this article.
I would choose Prabowo as president of Indonesia because:

1. Prabowo want to bring change to the new Indonesia.

2. Prabowo decisive leadership style, strong, and intelligent

3. Prabowo was determined able to bring this country safe peaceful, prosperous and civilized

4. Prabowo want to bring the name of Indonesia in the presence of the countries in the world.

5. Prabowo determined all citizens equal before the law no longer diskrimanasi in law enforcement.

The following text is an excerpt from Prabowo:

"Therefore, it is my belief, it is the value that I stand for:. Nations independent, which stands on its own feet"

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