Jumat, 02 Mei 2014

Tugas 2: Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2

I will give an explanation of why I entered university Gunadarma ? , When I graduate majors sma ips , I tried to sign up to a private university and the land , when I tried to apply to the university I was called upon Indonesia to take the test see which is held by ui in sma depok , I am trying to trying to get into university Indonesia , with my knowledge not too much , in the end I did not go to university because Indonesia does not meet the value I see , from there I got a call from the university Gunadarma didaeah depok , I stay away from cianjur to try to test Gunadarma university , trying to trying to get me to go to university Gunadarma , and in the end I went Gunadarma with honors grade 1.

            After I entered college I Gunadarma tinngi university wanted to go in the department of computer science , why ? Because I want to deepen pengtahuan about computer technology , so I know the update technology in university Gunadarma and around the world .
I like to play football and selling online in the university area and the area Gunadarma depok but I now focus on completing my studies at university Gunadarma , in order to graduate on time to graduate in university Gunadarma , after a degree I aspire to work in an IT company as where I major in information systems , and made ​​comfortable in the job , which aims for my future to be successful so that my parents proud of me , and not in vain Gunadarma follow university studies .

thank you

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